2. Composition/作曲


1. BBC Proms:
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis s.l. for large ensemble (2015)

2. SCO Connect (Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Education and Outreach Department):
Gauche the Cellist for music and shadow puppetry (2015)

3. Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall:
Microcosmos for organ (2014 – 2015)

4. Clea Friend:
Tuning in for tenor violin (2014)

 (photos by Lucas Kao)

5. BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group):
Deep  for chamber ensemble (2013-2014)


6. BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group):
Crack Up  for chamber ensemble (2013)

7. Artisan Trio:
Archimedes Lullaby for piano trio and inside piano (2013)

8. BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra & Cove Park:
Digested Resonance for symphony orchestra (2011-2012)

9. A Far Cry (Boston, USA):
In Digestion for string orchestra (2011-2012)

10. Philip Sawyer:
Colours in White for a mechanical action organ (2010 – 2011)

11. Duo da Chiesa:
Mumbling Through The Stethoscope for organ and flute (2009)

12. ECAT (Edinburgh Contemporary Art Trust):
Untitled No. 1 for clarinet, piano and djembe (2008)

13. Deutschlandfunk and Philharmonie Essen:
Inhaling/Exhaling for brass quintet and piano (2007)

14. ECAT (Edinburgh Contemporary Art Trust):
Liya-pyuwa for piano quintet (2006)

Shiori_portrait (2)_13.02.2012_test

[Drawing by Fumio Obata]


Orchestral Work/オーケストラ作品

1. Warai – Laughter – 

Duration: ca. 10mins
Description: The 1st piece inspired by human laughter.
This piece explores the hysterical laughter and human psycho.
Première: 27th May 2012at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall,Tokyo, Japan
Performers: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Naohiro Totsuka
Link to Toru Takemitsu Composition Award 2012

2. Oppressed Vibrations

Duration: ca. 10mins
Description: The 2nd piece inspired by human laughter.
This pieces explores the suppressed laughter.
Première: 11th June 2011 at Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh UK
Performers: Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble
Conductor: James Lowe
Link to Recording of Oppressed Vibrations (Excerpts)

3. Digested Resonance 

Duration: ca. 7mins
Description: The 2nd piece inspired by human digestion.
1st Play Through: 21st February 2011 at City Halls, Glasgow, UK
Performers: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Matthias Pintcher

String Orchestra Work/弦楽オーケストラ作品

1. Frozen Blast  

Duration: ca. 6mins
Description: The piece inspired by the mixed media installation Cold Dark Matter:An Exploded Viewby Corneilia Parker.
Première: 2nd December 2007 at Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Performers: Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble
Conductor: James Lowe

2. In Digestion

Duration: ca. 6mins
Description: The 1st piece inspired by human digestion.
Première: 31st March 2011 at Jordan Hall, Boston MA, USA
Performers: A Far Cry
Link to Video of In Digestion

Motion Sensor Work/モーションセンサー作品

1. Hiroshima 

for a whole body interactive performance

Duration: ca. 14mins
Description: Investigation of the use of body in the musical and theatrical contexts.
With the use of motion capture technology, the performer plays a series of sonic structures in real time and navigate the audience through a pre-composed narrative.
Première: 27th April 2010 at Inspace, Edinburgh, UK
Performer: Shiori Usui
Link to Video of Hiroshima

Motion Sensor & Acoustic Instruments/


1. Into the Flesh 

for the Xth sense, double bass and trombone

Duration: ca. 7mins
Description: Very first work for Xth sense (bio sensor) composed by someone other than the inventor of the instrument
Première: 9th May 2012 at Jam House, Edinburgh, UK
Performers: Shiori Usui (Xth Sense), John Kenny (Trombone), Andres Kungla (Double Bass)
Inventor of the Xth sense: Marco Donnarumma
Link to Video of Into the Flesh

2. Tuning into Paranoia 

for MELE (Motion Enabled Live-Electronics), double-bell trumpet and bass clarinet

Duration: ca. 12mins
Description: Work based on paranoia
Première: 22nd February 2009 at IEM Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz, Austria
Performers: Paul Hübner (double-bell trumpet), Jason Alder (bass clarinet) and
Shiori Usui (Live-electronics)
Link to Video of Tuning into Paranoia

Live-electronics and Acoustic instruments/


1. from scratch 

for human skin & percussion, accordion and live electronic

Duration: ca. 10mins
Description: Work based on eczema
Première: August 2007 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria
Performers: Members of Klangforum Wien: Bjoern Wilker (skin & percussion), and Krassimir Sterev (accordion) and Shiori Usui (live- electronics)


Acoustic Instruments and fixed Media/


1. Gem box ~Brahms meets Sachiko M~

for violin, cello, piano, piano frame and fixed media
Duration: ca. 5mins
Première: 23rd April 2012, at Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Performers: Artisan Trio, Shiori Usui (piano frame), and Lauren Hays (fixed media)

2. On the Threshold of Genjitsu 

for viola, cello and fixed media
Duration: ca. 6mins
Description: Based on the sound I make when I am asleep.
Recording: April and May 2009 at the Reid Concert Hall, The University of Edinburgh
Performers: Michael Beeston (viola) and Mark Bailey (cello)

Chamber Work – Acoustic Instruments/


1. Crack Up

for oboe, trombone, percussion, piano and cello
Duration: ca.  7mins
Première:  April 2013, CBSO Center, Birmingham, UK
Performers: BCMG

2. Archimedes Lullaby

for piano trio and inside piano
Duration: ca.  10mins
Première:  St Andrew’s and St George’s Church, Edinburgh , UK
Performers: Artisan Trio & Shiori Usui (inside piano)

3. Scrap Metal

for scrap metals and string quartet
Duration: ca. 20mins
Scrap metal frame construction & kind general help by Kevin Thornton
Première: tbc.

4. Mumbling through Stethoscope

for an organ and flute
Duration: ca. 7.30mins
Première: August 2009, St Michael and All Saints, Edinburgh, UK
Performer: Philip Sawyer (organ) and Louisa Gard (flute)

5. Untitled No.1

for piano, clarinet and djembe
Duration: ca. 10mins
Première: 29th October 2008, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Yann Ghiro (clarinet), Joby Burgess (percussions) and Simon Smith (piano)

6. Inhaling/Exhaling

for 2 trumpets, 1 french horn, 1 tenor trombone, 1 bass trombone/tuba and piano
Duration: ca. 3.38mins
Description: Work based on the difficulty of breathing
Première: 18th September 2007 at Philharmonie Essen, Germany
Performer: John Kenny (bass trombone), Carnyx Youth Brass Ensemble – Brendan Musk (trumpet), Peter Longworth (trumpet), HelenBeauchamp (horn), and Patrick Kenny (tenor trombone), and Shiori Usui (piano)

Link to Recording of Inhaling/Exhaling

7. Windy Song for Nigel

for bass and accordion
Duration: ca. 3mins
Lyrics: Goran Simic
Première: 1st June 2008, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Performer: Robert Rice (bass) and Merima Kljucio (accordion)

Solo Work/ソロ作品

1. Colours In White

for an organ with mechanical action
Duration: ca. 6mins
Première: May 2010, Oiwake Church, Karuizawa, Japan
Performer: Philip Sawyer


1. Texture Inside 

for portable audio player and projector

Collaborative work with Rocio von Jungenfeld
Site-specific audio-visual walk at George Square Garden, Edinburgh, UK as a part of Sensory Worlds Conference
Walks: After the sun-set at George Square Garden
Link to Video of Texture Inside