Shiori Usui & 薄井史織


Gauche the Cellist Tour

Absolutely wonderful time devising and executing artistic direction and composition workshops for production ‘Gauche the Cellist’ for music and shadow puppetry. We toured  4 additional support needs schools in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, giving 8 school workshops, 4 school performances, and 2 public performances in Woodend Barn Banchory, all in one week! Here is a lovely short clip of our show (thank you Symon Macintyre!) The production was made in collaboration with SCO Connect and Vision Mechanics.

Kibe dances Inhaling/Exhaling

Poet Kibe will dance Inhaling/exhaling at Yoyogi Noa Studio, Tokyo on 1st March.


from scratch (Japan version) on youtube

New video of from scratch (Japan version) is now on youtube. This piece was inspired by my experience of having eczema.

Concert at MUZA Kawasaki on 7th March 2015

New piece for Organ (with audience participation) will be played at Muza Kawasaki, Japan on 7th March 2015. Audience will make sound with papers, mouth and balloons!



Blog about participating in Duncan Chapman’s workshops

As part of Sound and Music’s Embedded programme with BCMG, I had a great opportunity to participate in some of Duncan Chapman‘s (music animateur) workshops and I wrote a blog about it. 

You can read it HERE

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 16.31.47

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 16.31.00


Performed at Tokushu Ongakusai (Peculiar Music Festival) in Tokyo!


Performed “from scratch” (Japan Version) at Tokushu Ongaku sai (Perculier Music Festival) in Tokyo in July! Such a thrilling festival! Until the next time! 😉 The performance video to follow, watch this space!

“Deep” featured on Classical Music Magazine

My recent piece “Deep” composed for BCMG is featured on the current issue of Classical Music Magazine (May 2014).


Deep – World Première

Performed by BCMG, Martyn Brabbins and Shiori Usui at CBSO Centre, Birmingham, 27th April 2014

Deep - World Première PE8A0007 PE8A0018 PE8A0030

PE8A0011 PE8A0033 PE8A0040 PE8A0060 PE8A0081Photos by Rleahair/SoundandMusic

Deep – World Première!

Very much excited about the World Première of my new piece “Deep” on Sunday 27th April.
It will be played by BCMG and myself (vocal improvisation) with a brilliant conductor, Martyn Brabbins.
The piece will receive 2 performances in a day (Woooo!). The first concert will be at “Families @ 4” from 16.00 and the 2nd concert will be from 18.30. The programme of the 2nd concert also includes Beckett/Feldman’s “Words and Music”, and Skempton’s “Only the Sound Remains”. Both will be at CBSO Centre, Birmingham.

Details can be found below;
Families @ 4: Click HERE
2nd Concert: Click HERE


Gauche the Cellist

I am having a lot of fun creating the work Gauche the Cellist, through a combination of live music, sound design and shadow puppetry with such a fantastic team of artists including the children from additional support needs at Saltersgate School, Dalkeith, Scotland, the musicians from Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and the shadow puppeteers from Vision Mechanics since late October 2013.  The performance of our work will be on Wednesday 12th March 2014, and we are so excited to be able to show our work to everyone!

Gauche the Cellist is generously supported by Creative Scotland’s Quality Production Arts Programme, Midlothian Council, Skoog Music, BBC Performing Arts Fund and the Ponton House Trust.