Improvisation Gig at Risk in Birmingham!

by shioriusui

Excited to perform with such a great line-up of musicians.

“In a weekend-long celebration of the unknown, we have invited an outstanding line up of thrilling, innovative musicians to Town Hall as a first step in a journey to explore risk.
We’ll have a rare all-night event, performances in the round and evenings where we expect some of the most unexpected music to be made.
Bring your ears along to this exploration of risk, improvisation, spontaneity and music created in the moment.”

Arve Henriksen trumpet, voicerisk
Melinda Maxwell oboe
Daniel Pioro violin
Sam Underwood electronics
Shiori Usui voice, piano
Ilan Volkov violin
Gail Brand trombone

Saturday 2nd November, 8pm
Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B3 3DQ

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