by shioriusui

Huge thank you to Imaginate ( for helping me to start developing ideas for my sensory theter show for/with disabled young people in hydropool in 2022!

I was very fortunate to be able to have two R&Ds at Kingspark School in Dundee in Spring and Hazelwood school in Glasgow in Autumn 2022 with some incredible artists including;

  • John Kenny (trombone), Dave House (sound design), Naomi O Kelly (dramaturge) and Max Alexander (observation/advice) for Kingspark school R&D
  • Bal Cook (sound design), Claire Willoughby (musician/theater maker), Marc Brew (choreography advice), Sam Vaherlehto (dancer), Johanna Young (dancer), Max Alexander (observation/advice) and Nic Green (dramaturge/director) for Hazelwood school R&D.

Watch this space for further development of work with Independent Arts Projects and Oily Cart!